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A good education

is what happens

in the space between the marks

We are a private, independent Catholic school for girls. We build good character and confident women who are able to take on the world.

Come and see.

Choosing a school is an important decision:

  1. Will you be happy at the school?
  2. Will you get a good education?
  3. Will you develop a good character?
  4. What do you get for the money you pay?

You will have to do some homework and make up your own mind. But we’re here to help.

What sort of an adult would you like to become?

Your values and character are what stay with you forever.

Holy Rosary has been producing young women with good values, ethics and sound character since 1940.

Open Week

Come see our school in action

26 - 29 September 2023

9am | 10 am | 11am

Success in life is empty without people.

Just cultivating Academic, Sport or Cultural excellence is empty if the girls don’t have love for their fellow classmates, community and nation. It’s this love-like-a-family that bonds the girls, so that they become Holy Rosary girls for life.

Nursery School: Pathways

Building the foundation for Grade R.

Primary School

Preparing for success at High School.

High School

Our IEB matric and Hidden Curriculum are the gateway to a dream career.

Primary School

High School

It's hard to know what a school will feel like

Book a personal tour.

Experience the culture and meet the people.

Bring your family.

People need more than good marks to succeed in life

Our girls grow into adults who are able to make a meaningful difference.

It’s what happens between the marks that really counts.

What Are You Waiting For?

What’s inside a Holy Rosary Graduate?

  • Confidence in their ability to achieve their dreams 
  • Strong academic ability 
  • Lasting connections with fellow students
  • The ability to think beyond themselves and serve others

We prepare our girls to go out into the world.

Forever Grateful Parents

“An excellent environment to nurture and mould talent of all sorts. The amount of dedication and individual attention that is shown to the girls is insurmountable. Forever grateful parents.”
Phindile Mthethwa

Necessary Skills For University

“I just want to say that HRS is a great school. My daughter matriculated 2019 and is now at Tuks and let me tell you HRS prepared my daughter excellently for university. She knows how to manage her time, meet all her deadlines and the IEB education has been a huge advantage to her. Thank you HRS for providing my daughter with all the necessary skills for university.”
Rosanna Ferro

Quick Preview

Where will you find the Holy Rosary Hidden Curriculum?

Join us as we give you a taste of Holy Rosary …

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