High School Academics

We challenge our students to think about how and why they do things.

Our school is known for its academics, but it’s through our hidden curriculum and ethos that we nurture the best in each student.

Our IEB results are an average 10% higher than the national average. See why.

How does our high school set you up for the future ?

  • Will you have confidence to follow your dreams?
  • What college / university will you attend?
  • What kind of person will you become?
  • Will you love people around you?
Our girls learn to think beyond themselves.

What Matric Subjects do Holy Rosary Offer?

Part of the freedom of being at Holy Rosary is the ability to choose awesome subjects.

List of Rare Subjects

Students tell us how much they enjoy doing these subjects, which are not offered at every school.

Music to matric­­

Music is a great channel for passion and creativity. Education in music helps develop areas of the brain related to language and reasoning. Our students play their chosen musical instrument at school functions, soirées, and eisteddfods.

Activities include composition, performance, and music management.

Drama to matric

Drama inspires confidence and creativity. Opportunities to perform include house plays, major productions, FEDA and EADS festivals. Students can prepare for Trinity Speech and Drama Exams by private arrangement. 

Drama is currently being phased in as an extra subject to matric, starting with Grade 10’s in 2024. 

Visual Arts to matric

Creative students thrive when they are able to express themselves through art. They work in a variety of mediums, including painting and sculpture. 

Art is a good background for students entering fashion design, graphic design, fine arts, or architecture.

Consumer Studies to matric

In Consumer Studies, students learn to be critical consumers who can make thoughtful decisions. Students that are interested in food and nutrition, fashion and interior design enjoy this subject. It can lead to a future career in the food, textile or marketing industry.

Business Studies to matric

This practical subject gives students insight into the business world. Topics covered include personal finance, economics, and marketing. Students learn how to think about business problems. A good grounding for setting up their own business or further business studies.

Accountancy to matric

People who dream of being a financial director or entrepreneur in the business world will enjoy Accountancy. Having Accountancy as a matric subject is an advantage for students that go on to study accounting / commerce at university level. Qualified accountants hold top positions in companies.

Information Technology (IT) to matric

Information technology allows us to connect and share information. Learn about computer software and hardware, databases and networks. Develop programming skills. The IT field offers opportunities in system analysis, app and web development, programming and hardware development.


IsiZulu is one of the best languages to learn because it is the most widely spoken language in South Africa. The ability to speak IsiZulu is of great value in the workplace. Speakers can communicate with people on a deeper level when they understand the language.


Learning Mandarin Chinese is important for future careers because it is becoming the biggest economy in the world. In an increasingly competitive world, the ability to speak Chinese will give people an edge in the job market. Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world.


French is widely spoken in Europe and on 4 other continents. It’s the 6th most widely spoken language in the world. Being able to speak a foreign language can increases employment and promotion prospects. A knowledge of French is beneficial in industries such as fashion, food, art and architecture.

Additional Languages (Grade 10 – 12)

You can take an additional language as an 8th subject. The ability to speak a foreign language offers a distinct advantage for future career development.


Portuguese is an important language in Southern Africa, with Angola and Mozambique speaking Portuguese. It’s also the main language in Brazil and Portugal. Students with an interest in international relations can consider learning Portuguese, one of the languages used by the Africa Union.


Germany is a leading economy in Europe and German companies employ many people all over the world. Our hospitality industry caters to many German tourists. Speaking German can lead to international study and career opportunities.


Italian companies are the world leaders in certain industries, such as fashion, luxury cars, the opera and fine arts. Speaking Italian sets students up for better job opportunities, or jobs as a translator or English teacher in Italy.

Additional IEB Subjects (Grade 10 – 12)

Stretch yourself and get an advantage before you even start university. These extra IEB subjects are designed to stimulate students that cope well with Maths and English.

Further Studies Mathematics

The curriculum includes calculus, algebra, statics and the application of this knowledge. Further Studies Maths students that go on to study in a related field at university find their first year easier.*

They’ve also been proven to get better results throughout university. Further Studies Maths is equivalent to UK “A-levels”.

Further Studies English

Students who excel at English enjoy this extra challenge. Further Studies English involves extra reading, essays and analysis. Students learn critical-thinking skills and learn to develop better time-management skills. This prepares them for university or further studies abroad.

Further Studies English is equivalent to UK “A-levels”.

* Source: The Relationship Between Advanced Placement Mathematics Courses and Students’ STEM Career Interest. Educational Researcher, Warne, R. T., Sonnert, G., & Sadler, P. M. (2019).

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Which curriculum do we follow?

Our girls write the Independent Examinations Board’s (IEB) National Senior Certificate Examinations. They are of a consistently high academic standard and prepare pupils to cope with the demands of tertiary education. 

We are affiliated with ISASA and the Catholic Education Board, which are synonymous with good quality schools and we network with top educators in these associations.

Our school has a good reputation with leading colleges and universities.

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