We are part of the Holy Rosary family of schools.

Pathways is a private nursery school for boys and girls from 14 months to 5 years.

We provide a happy environment for young children to explore. There is a big playground with trees, jungle gyms, bikes, swings and sand pit. Inside, we have bright and airy classrooms. Here, children learn through playful interaction.

Open Week

Come see our school in action

26 - 29 September 2023

9am | 10 am | 11am

Our school day can be structured to suit your family:

  • Half day (collect at 13:30)
  • Three quarter day (collect at 15:00)
  • Full day (collect at 17:00)
Every family is different, which option would suit you?

Our Facilities

Big Playground

Children love to play outside in the big garden. It’s so exciting to drive the car, play in the sandpits, clamber aboard the airplane, swing up to the clouds, play in the doll’s house and make friends.

Bike Track

The playground has a bike track that weaves through the garden. Little people hop on the bikes and off they go, waving to people as they drive around.

Fields To Run And Play

We often start the day with musical exercises at the big sports fields. Teachers and children enjoy skipping and exercising to music.

Happy Classrooms

Our classrooms have big windows that let in the sun and show off our art. We have lots of early learning toys and a little library. Each classroom has its’ own bathroom with small toilets, so it’s close by for toilet training.  

Shanahan Hall

We use Shanahan hall to enjoy music and dance. The Holy Rosary music teacher helps with expert training. There’s space for granny, grandad and all the fans to come and see our concerts.

A Safe And Secure School

Every morning, you’ll say hello to Nolutanda, at the entrance to our school. There’s plenty of secure parking inside the gate.

Our Feel

At Pathways, you are welcomed by little people and professional teachers.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are qualified and experienced. They are dedicated to nurturing our little people.

Our Play Curriculum

Through structured play, we build the foundation for primary school.

Our School Fees

Various options available: half-day, three-quarter day, full day.

When Do I Need To Apply?

It’s best to apply early.

Come and see the school in action

Book a tour during the school day, see us in action.

Get a feel for what it’s really like at Pathways. Bring the family.

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