Primary School Culturals

Music is the golden thread that runs through the heart of our school.

As they sing, dance and play on stage, our happy girls truly shine.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

Creative arts

Part of our hidden curriculum can be seen when the whole school community gets together to enjoy our concerts at Shanahan Hall. Everybody comes to watch, including Gogo and little brother.


  • Mirrored Movement Room
  • Multi-purpose Music Studio
  • Drumming and Marimba Rooms
  • Messy Art Class
  • Great Shanahan Hall

Every single class does music, every child gets a chance

Where does it start?

  • Singing songs and hymns
  • We do Djembe Drumming from Grade R to 7
  • In Grades 2 – 3 we do glockenspiels and xylophones.
  • From Grade 4 – 7, we progress to Marimba.
  • In Grades 3– 7, we learn to play the recorder

Music is such a big part of our school that we also have 4 choirs, a percussion ensemble, Djembe drumming, 2 Marimba bands and a school orchestra. (And of course, the optional extras of private music lessons at school)

Why is music so important?

Music helps the physical development of the brain and research shows that students who study music get better marks.

  • Helps the brain develop
  • Better at maths
  • Practice forms discipline
  • Grows confidence levels
  • Connect with community
Music gives our girls a confident academic advantage.

Come and Watch Us Play

Hear the joy in our music.

Come and visit a music class.


Drama creates unforgettable memories that our girls treasure, like the time they dressed up as a warrior princess or a sparkly butterfly, tripped over a four-legged donkey, or found a voice to share with the world.

As they play and practise, they learn to co-operate with each other. Everyone looks forward to the Big Production we put on each year.

Each girl is given an opportunity to do something – whether it be acting, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, backstage work or painting.

Fine Art

Drawing, Painting, Sculpting. What can be better than the complete freedom of an open page and one’s imagination?

Bright colours, a well-lit art room and the space to spread out, gives our girls the breathing room to be creative.

Talent Showcases


We welcome other schools to Holy Rosary when we host an Eisteddfod. Our girls practise hard and achieve amazing results at the Eisteddfods. Every year, girls achieve Merit (A), Honours (A+) and Prestige (A++) awards.

Concerts and Art exhibitions

Each year, the girls fine art work is on display at key functions and events. Our Music and Drama departments put on big productions such as the Passion Play, Annual Concert and Nativity Play. Every girl is given an opportunity to be part of the process.

Musical soloists and groups share their talents with the Winter and Summer Music Concerts.

My best memory

“My best memory was at the concert. We all danced without being embarrassed. I was so afraid to dance. There were a lot of people. I was nervous but in the end it was a lot of fun.”
Grade 6

A difference in my confidence

“Looking back at my younger self, I can see such a difference in my confidence. This school has helped me to become more expressive. All my friends and teachers have helped me through the bad and the good times. I love Holy Rosary.”


Hidden Curriculum

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