High School Hidden Curriculum

What is the hidden curriculum?

Look for the Clues

Some elements of the hidden curriculum are carefully crafted. Other parts happen naturally and build up over time.

Finding the hidden curriculum

It cannot be found in any single place.
It’s not only in our hearts but our words too,
It’s not only in how we treat each other, but in the way we volunteer and serve,
It’s not only in praying, but in loving someone who feels “other”,
It’s not only in laughing classmates, but in the gatekeeper’s smile.

 You will need to look beyond our old-school-styling and report cards.
You see it when alumni achieve as mothers and leaders,
You see it when a teacher tears up at telling a story of someone’s growth
You see it when a friend overcomes adversity,
You see it when there’s a trip-on-stage or defeat in a game.

When school is not a drag;
It’s easy to have manners
It’s easy to learn.
When others care about you;
It changes the way you walk
It changes the way you talk.

It’s not perfect, we’re learning.
But one thing is certain:
It comes alive, as each girl grows into a confident woman.

We’re always working on it

We learn to love our fellow students, our community and God. We find our talents and reach for our best selves while lifting others up.

Elements of the Hidden Curriculum

Love for others
Serving Others

Love for Others

Our school was built by courageous women who wanted to educate women in Africa. They left their homes and gave of themselves to serve to the community. After more than 80 years, our school is still not-for-profit. This means that every cent goes towards the school’s purpose: Serving our community by nurturing God given talents.  

We work on preparing young women to think beyond themselves, so that they have a love for others and can have a positive impact on the world.

What difference will you make to the world?

“Came to Holy Rosary knowing absolutely no one and left 5 years later with a family! Amazing school that gave me every opportunity under the sun!”


Wellness is an active process of being aware and making choices that lead to optimal holistic health and wellbeing. It is more than just being happy or in good health.

We have a Social Worker and Educational Psychologist and Religious Leaders that help care for the wellbeing of our students. The girls gain skills that will improve wellbeing, including prayer, reflection and gratitude.

Our girls can receive compassionate and individual guidance in an accepting space.

“Looking back at my younger self, I used to cry about everything, now I am more mature about what comes across my path. Instead of crying about everything, I laugh about it, because life is too short not to enjoy it. I have grown in my sport and have become more confident.”

What other activities support wellness? Come visit us and ask your questions.

“Holy Rosary is a heartfelt, nurturing place. It truly is amazing and I couldn't have chosen a better school to attend. I have learnt a lot from my inspirational, loving teachers and I will always cherish my time at this wonderful school.”


We’re blessed to be a Catholic school. We welcome and respect people from different faiths and religions.

As our girls grow, they develop a moral compass that guides them through life. Along with great power and ability one also needs morals. Our Christian character is a key part of how we infuse good morals into woman leaders.

Is it time to see and feel the school?

“Now in this way those who are trusted with something valuable must show they are worthy of that trust.”
1 Corinthians 4:2 (NCV)


Service comes from the heart. As they share their talents, many girls give more than 25 hours to community service a year.

As our founders served others, so do we continue to serve each other, our families, and local communities. The school has a strong service ethos, it gradually builds as the girls talents grow through their school. To name but a few ways this multiplies:

  • The Grade R choir singing at Mass
  • Grade 3 girls reading a story to grade R’s
  • Older girls serving tea to guests at school events
  • High school girls showing people around the school on open days
  • The outreach committee painting a class room at Phumelela

Our service ethos helps the girls develop a love for others, beyond themselves.

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”
1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)

Debutantes' programme

In September of their grade 9 year, most girls can’t wait to volunteer to join the Debutantes’ programme. In addition to the associated fun and personal growth, they raise money for school projects and associated charities.

It is a year packed with important life lessons and varied experiences like:

  • The Fashion Show – practice event management
  • Market Days – encourage entrepreneurship
  • private fundraising events – initiative and responsibility
  • a lot of community service – helping others.

A glittering Debutantes’ Ball – held at the beginning of September – closes a year of fun and challenging work.

At the ball, the girls are recognised for achievement in:

  • fundraising
  • community service
  • attitude and values displayed during the year.

Our Grade 9’s start off the programme as young girls, but by the end of their year have developed into confident young women who have improved the world around them.


Amount raised (R)
Community hours worked
Number of girls


Amount raised (R)
Community hours worked
Number of girls


Amount raised (R)
Community hours worked
Number of girls

Although the hidden curriculum is invisible, you can still feel it.

It comes alive inside each Holy Rosary girl as she grows into a confident woman.

Come visit us and you will see the hidden curriculum

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