Primary School Academics

We teach children to reach for their best selves.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

― Nelson Mandela

What skills will be needed in our new world?

Children will need thinking skills because machines will do the linear, repetitive work. 

People will do the:

Complex Problem Solving

Critical Thinking


We enable these skills through our Thinking Programme.

What's the Holy Rosary Thinking Programme?

Thinking skills are infused through the whole school day and every grade.

Apart from the fun, these skills boost learning.

"How noble and good everyone could be if, every evening before falling asleep, they were to recall to their minds the events of the whole day and consider exactly what has been good and bad. Then without realizing it, you try to improve yourself at the start of each new day."
Anne Frank

How do thinking skills work in practice?

Come and visit us.

See how we grow people.

Academic Curriculum Highlights

In addition to the expected subjects that most Primary Schools in Gauteng cover, here is a taste of that extra goodness we provide:

1. Growing a love for reading

Children that love reading find new ways to think about everything. They enjoy learning. We’ve created deep reading places and track reading progress at our school.

The research proves it…

The implementation of “reading comprehension strategies” has the potential to accelerate learning by 7 months.

Evidence based research shows that reading capability is the best predictor of achievement in science in older grades.*

* Review of SES and Science Learning in Formal Educational Settings – 2017 Oxford University Study

Our school is doing it…

Our reading program is specifically developed to foster a love of reading… Which is why you might find your child reading in all sorts of fun places:

  • In our jungle reading room
  • Swinging in a basket
  • Out in the garden
  • On a yellow beanbag

Active, curious readers want to learn more. Strong readers are able to fly at school.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”Dr. Seuss

2. Everybody loves music, everyone learns music

The sound of music is a golden thread that runs through our school. It unites, it transcends difference, lifts the heart and connects us with our Creator.

Music also helps the brain develop. Learning rhythm helps children understand Maths. (Interestingly both our Music Teachers have degrees in Music, Education and Maths.)

All children learn to play these instruments in class:

  • Glockenspiel
  • Marimba
  • Recorder
  • Drumming

We love seeing Mom or Dad’s face light up at the hidden talents we’ve uncovered.

Research shows that students who study music get better marks in Maths, Science and English – in fact, they were about one academic year ahead of their non-music peers.

* Source: M Guhn et al – study on  … school music participation and academic achievement. Journal of Educational Psychology, 2019

3. Empowering girls with technology

With access to so much information, what do you do with it?
Our girls use technology to work smarter – starting from age 5.

  1. We start with Bee Bots – little ones figure out what steps are needed to make the bee move. They learn problem solving.
  2. Block coding – children do self-paced exercises, e.g. moving a monkey into a treasure chest. They learn computational thinking.
  3. Minecraft education – children work as a team to solve problems in a secure gaming world. They learn creativity and collaboration.
  4. Digital citizenship – we teach children how to be responsible online, how to be safe and balance their time.

Devices are provided – we provide each child in Grade 4 -7 with a device that they can use at school for a blended learning experience.

Microsoft Innovator Educator Experts

Nine of our teachers are Microsoft Innovator Educator Experts, which means they have been recognised as global educator visionaries.
We use technology to connect and empower girls with STEM skills.

4. My Choice Period

Wouldn’t it be awesome to choose your favourite activity for one period in the school week?

What will your child choose?

  • Yoga and Mindfulness
  • Outdoor games
  • Crafts
  • Musical theatre
  • Knitting or crochet
  • Chess
  • Dance
  • Minecraft

The options are always evolving, but needless to say, this is one of the most popular periods in the school week.

Fun to read

“I love grade one because it is fun to read books.”
Grade 1

Happy with my progress

“I see that I have changed in ways I never thought possible. I used to be shy and unconfident , but now I could literally do anything in front of people without getting embarrassed. I have grown to be the girl I am today, and I am happy with my progress.”
Grade 7


Hidden Curriculum

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