Primary School Aftercare

Home From Home.

A place where children can relax while they do their homework, play and attend extra-murals .

A great afternoon has play-time and:

Healthy Lunches

Homework Supervision

Getting to extra-murals

We’ll make sure that your child gets a home-cooked lunch, walk her to netball practice and say “don’t forget your hat”. So that you don’t need to worry about these things when you’re at work.

We provide a place where children feel that they belong as part of our Holy Rosary family.

About our aftercare

We walk together

We fetch the little ones (Grade R – 3) from their classes every day. It’s just a short walk to the after care room at the Grade R centre. We are next to the big Grade R playground and the Jungle Reading Centre. We take careful note of each child’s activities and accompany each child to and from their extra-murals.

Experienced Team

Our teachers are experienced and most of them have been at the school for a long time. We supervise the homework of children in grades 1 – 7 and teach them to take responsibility for their work. In the late afternoon, children often listen to music, read and play with friends.

Home-cooked Meals

Our Holy Rosary Chef prepares the cooked lunches and afternoon snacks for us. Healthy meals are served. Special dietary requirements are taken into account. In the late afternoon, home-made muffins, scones, fruit and juice are available when children get hungry after activities.  

Safe and Secure

We keep track of each child – each one is signed in and there is a record of each child’s activities throughout the day. We are based in the Grade R centre and have safe “on campus” parking for parents. Our friendly security ladies greet everyone with a smile.


Aftercare starts from the time that school ends and is open until 5:00 pm.


The fees are R1 605 per month.

Meet our Aftercare Mom

Bring your daughter to meet Cally Horsten

Ask us any questions you may have.

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