Nursery School Play Curriculum

Happy children love to play and learn as they explore.

Through play based activities, learning comes naturally. We teach children to love learning, so that they enjoy going to school and are ready for Grade R.

What skills do children need to learn at pre-school?

So many parents want their children to get a head start.

Some parents are in a race for their child to walk first, run first and read first… ironically, it can be detrimental to a child’s development.

Our “play curriculum” is aimed at getting the pre-skills right. Using tweezers to pick up jelly tots, is the building block needed for holding a pencil. Singing the alphabet song, is a building block to learning the alphabet. Recognising a picture and naming it, is a building block to reading.

Some of the important skills pre-schoolers need to learn are:

  1. Pre-reading skills
  2. Pre-maths skills
  3. Problem solving games (Pre-coding skills)
  4. Language and vocabulary
  5. Social skills
  6. Emotional skills
  7. Physical skills
  8. Creativity
Doing things out of order is like getting dressed upside-down.
It's better to build up “pre-skills” at age appropriate levels.

A nursery school with music at its heart

Specialist music teachers from our primary school come and give our children important music skills.

Exercise Routine

Our teachers and OT collaborated to develop our exercise routine. It’s designed to be fun and build strong bodies that support the brain’s development.

The sandpit sets us up for the board room

A group of children playing in the sandpit learn to talk to each other and share toys. They need to negotiate with each other if they want the red spade. They are happily learning communication and social skills.

Pouring sand from a cup to bucket is a pre-skill to understanding volume. Seeing how much sand you can get in your shoe is just plain fun.

Come and show your teddy our school

Ask us anything you would like to know about.

Get to know the teachers

See what the class rooms are like

Tell us about your little one’s favourite teddy

Structured Activities

Its amazing to see how little people thrive as they get into routine. Even the smallest children get to know when it’s play time, when it’s snack time and when it’s sleepy nap time.

For the moms who love to know every detail: 

Our weekly theme creates opportunity for creative play and builds imagination.

We all look forward to Take your bike to School Day. Once a month, we close off the parking area and hold a bike day. It’s awesome!

Convenient Extra Activities

At an additional cost, for your convenience, the following extra-mural activities are available at the school, during the school day.

  • Phys-Ed
  • Karate
  • Little Labs
  • Pottery
  • Dance Mouse
  • Ballet

Come and see the school in action

Book a tour during the school day, see us in action.

Get a feel for what it’s really like at Pathways. Bring the family.

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