Primary School Sports

How does a girl find her super power? We start by playing many different sports.

Girls try out a mix of running, swimming, netball, tennis, hockey, athletics and soccer. As they get a bit older they can explore rowing, equestrian and basketball. Each girl ultimately finds an activity that builds up her strength.

What will your girl’s super power be?

If I could Choose a Super Power …

It would be:

Being fast so when people are in trouble I can catch the falling tree.” SIEN LI

To breathe under water so that I can swim deep and I can’t drown. I will look around to see how different it is from earth.” HOLLY

Strength because if someone was stuck in a fire, I could pick them up. If cars were in a fire, I could pick them up.” THANDOLWETHU

Sport at HRS teaches:

  • Confidence, as we try new activities
  • Co-operation, as we pass the ball to team mates
  • Compassion, as we laugh and cry with our team
  • How the rules work because we all need boundaries

What “soft skills” will your child learn?

I can see all my friends

I was so scared for my first day of school because I didn’t know anyone, but now I am so happy to come to school because I can see all my friends. I used to play tennis, but then I stopped so I could play netball.
Grade 7

I didn't know how

When I was younger, I remember that I didn’t know how to do the correct swimming strokes. Now swimming is my favourite sport. I love swimming so much I am even the A team swimming captain.
Grade 7

Sport Facilities – everything you will need

We have a sporting complex with modern facilities and compete with top schools in Gauteng.

  • Athletics fields
  • Swimming pool
  • Hockey Astroturf
  • Netball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Rowing boats
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Indoor hall
  • eSports facility
It’s best to see for yourself.

Which sports will you try?

Everybody does at least one sport a season.

Summer Sports


Girls love being able to swim at school during our hot summer season. They learn to feel confident in water, different swimming strokes and diving. We participate in galas in our houses and against other schools, cheered on by the school spirit team.


Many girls are active runners and get fit by doing athletics.

“Our athletics family has truly grown, our little sisters (Gr 3 and 4), who always make us laugh. Our older sisters Gr 6 – who were our cheerleaders. Our mothers – Gr 7’s and coaches, we love all of our little athletes who try their hardest in every race. I love the fact that in this family we are all in this together.” FAVOR – Grade 7


Girls learn hand-eye co-ordination when they play tennis. As they learn, they play in local tournaments. Our resident coach is available every afternoon for extra lessons, by arrangement. The prestigious Sun City Tennis Tournament is a favourite with our star tennis players.  


Rowing starts in Grade 6 and 7. It’s a great endurance sport that pushes girls to their limits and creates memories that last a lifetime. We get going early with a preseason camp. Just past Bedfordview on the N3, Victoria Lake Club is our home-from-home. 

“I stopped being afraid of the horrible, scary dark. I explored new sports like hockey and rowing. I also made new friends and ever since then we have been closer than ever.” VANESSA – Grade 7

Winter Sports


Hockey teaches girls how to play within the rules and work as a team. In the process, they enjoy lots of laughter and make new friends. Our eight Hockey teams successfully participate in the Private Schools’ Friendly League. Each year, several Holy Rosary girls are selected for the provincial team.


Netball girls love having the support of a team and great coaches to learn from. They teach them not to give up and to play to the best of their ability. The annual training camp is a highlight of the year. We have over 10 netball teams!

“I was just learning how to play netball and how to catch the ball. Now I’m in the A team for netball and in the U13 super league team. I can’t believe that I was just learning to play netball and now I have become so much better and will hopefully excel.” GABRIELLA – Grade 7

“The amazing coaches have encouraged not just me but every netball player at Holy Rosary to never give up, play with your heart and to enjoy every moment … Never forget that in netball, there are 14 hands, 7 hearts and 1 team.” – ZINHLE – Grade 7


Our riders compete in the SANESA Ekurhuleni Inter-schools’ competitions.  This consists of four Qualifiers, from which the four best riders in each discipline are chosen to represent Gauteng at the Finals. 


Minecraft is a big hit in our school! This 3D Microsoft game is designed to teach children to collaborate to solve problems. We play Minecraft in computer class and as an optional extra-mural.

Our Minecraft team was invited to play at the biggest eSports tournament in Africa, Comicon. We were the only all-girls school that made it through to the quarter-finals! Our team also won the school spirit award.

We aim to break down barriers and educate more “tech-savvy” women with STEAM skills.

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